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Written by Adam Miller
Don't be left vulnerable to apartment fires, theft or other rental disasters.

There are lots of safety measures we can take to ensure our own protection, as well as securing our possessions and valuables. These precautions can include everything from car alarms, fire extinguishers, security systems, smoke detectors and safety deposit boxes. However, when renting an apartment or townhouse, there is an increased threat to personal safety and possessions because of the close proximity of other tenants. Nearby tenants can often forgo basic safety precautions or make careless mistakes, which means living in a rental property without Renter's Insurance poses several risks for renters and their personal property.

First, renters need to be aware that living without Renter's Insurance means that the value of all appliances, furniture, electronics, and personal property can be lost forever in the event of an apartment fire. Unfortunately, apartment complex fires are not uncommon in the Houston area, with nearly one every month.

The news link above references a recent apartment fire in Houston that damaged over a dozen apartment units, allegedly caused by a tenant producing illegal drugs. While some apartment fires can be extinguished quickly, others can ravage entire buildings and destroy dozens of apartments and their contents, as well as causing personal injury. Many times, renters are unable to salvage anything from their burned out apartment units, leaving them in a dire financial situation. However, Renter's Insurance can help tenants get financial assistance to help recover the value of their lost property, and quickly get back on their feet.

Renter's Insurance also helps individuals and families recover from theft, which is more common in apartment complexes and townhome communities than in residential neighborhoods. Thieves will often target apartment complexes because of their lower security measures, such as a lack of security alarms for doors and windows, or having no working security cameras in place. Renter's Insurance helps renters protect the value of  personal possessions and valuables in the event of theft since replacing property like electronics, appliances and furniture can be very costly.

Finally, Renter's Insurance provides peace of mind for individuals and families renting property, which is important when living in close proximity to other renters. Even the most safety-oriented renters can become victims when nearby neighbors accidentally start a kitchen fire, fall asleep with a lit cigarette, or forget to put matches out of a child's reach. It can be mentally and physically difficult to overcome disasters like a fire or burglary, but when valuables such as heirloom jewelry, electronics, art, furniture and appliances are lost forever, it can make the recovery even more challenging. Renter's Insurance offers financial security and protection for apartment and townhome renters throughout the greater Houston area.

If you are renting an apartment or townhome and realize you don't have Renter's Insurance, contact the friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis today. Aegis is a Houston-based insurance agency specializing in protecting individuals, families and businesses with all their insurance needs. Aegis is pleased to offer a full range of insurance policies, such as Renters, Homeowners, Auto, Life, Business and more. Customers can even save hundreds of dollars in annual premiums by bundling their insurance policies together for maximum insurance savings. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 or go online for a free quote today!

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