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Written by Adam Miller
Restaurants and other businesses can be prepared for the next severe storm or hurricane with comprehensive business insurance solutions from InsurTexas.

Five years ago this week, residents and business owners throughout the greater Houston and Galveston region were devastated by the impact of Hurricane Ike, a Category 4 storm that decimated entire communities. Hundreds of thousands throughout the Gulf Coast were left with no electricity, damaged homes and businesses, and a massive cleanup. Unfortunately, many businesses were unable to recover from the destruction either because they did not have the right kind of business insurance coverage, or the sparse business insurance coverage they did have was not nearly enough to cover the costs of replacing and repairing buildings and equipment.

The hurricane's immediate impact was particularly hard on the restaurant and food service industry, where the lack of electricity and running water meant the loss of inventory, customers and revenue. While other types of businesses might have been able to absorb the financial blow a bit easier, each day of closure for a restaurant, deli or bakery was catastrophic, particularly since many Houstonians were desperate to find some sort of dining option because of their own lack of electricity and water.

After the storm's initial cleanup, those restaurant owners that were able to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Ike have developed proactive storm recovery strategies to protect valuable equipment and restore operations as soon as possible. However, one key oversight for many restaurant, deli and bakery owners is not securing the right kind of business insurance coverage to protect them from the next major storm or hurricane.

Business owners, especially restaurant and food service owners, can protect and preserve their inventory, equipment, revenue and future stability through securing comprehensive business insurance coverage, as well as additional coverage for company vehicles, commercial property and more. Thankfully, the knowledgeable and friendly agents of Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, can help restaurant and food service owners obtain comprehensive business insurance solutions to protect from any kind of catastrophic event, including hurricanes, floods fire, theft and more. Aegis also offers businesses significant savings through bundling insurance policies, reducing annual premiums and saving time. Contact Aegis today to get more information on their business insurance policy options, or request a quote online.

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