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Written by Adam Miller
Caring For Aging Relatives: Housing Decisions

In the last 50 years, medical breakthroughs and technological advancements have helped extend the overall lifespan for men and women, leading to larger numbers of people living well into their 80's and 90's. As a result of parents and grandparents living longer, a growing number of adult children are tasked with caring for their relatives or making arrangements for their long-term care. Today we will begin a two-part series focused on the many housing and financial decisions related to caring for senior relatives, and how strategic personal insurance solutions can provide additional security and peace of mind.

Housing Safety

One of the areas of concern for adult children as parents and grandparents get older is their personal safety within their home or place of residence. Falls and trips are a leading cause of injury and even death for senior citizens, so homes with split-levels or staircases can be more dangerous for senior homeowners. In addition, mobility issues due to age or illness may make their home unlivable due to limited access to bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchen areas. However, seniors living on their own or with relatives can experience greater safety through home modifications or improvements, such as stair lifts, ramps, or converting a downstairs space into a bedroom.

Personal Safety

Senior citizens living on their own also face higher number of accidents related to their personal safety. Many of these injuries and accidents are caused by fire hazards while cooking, slips in the bathtub or restroom, or even burglaries or assaults from criminals targeting senior citizens. However, personal safety can be improved through the addition of medical alert devices, security systems, and safety railings in bathrooms and stairways. These improvements can make a great difference in ensuring that seniors are safer whether they are living on their own, or sharing a home with relatives.

Housing Insurance Solutions

While we can't ever completely protect our elderly loved ones from falls, accidents, or injuries, we can take proactive steps to help keep them safe and also provide financial assistance in the event of a disaster. Insurance solutions can also provide peace of mind and protection against the loss of valuables and family possessions. Ample Homeowners Insurance can protect the value of the home as well as personal possessions. In addition, Inland Marine coverage can protect against the loss of heirlooms and other valuables such as artwork, jewelry, antique furniture, and vintage collectibles. Umbrella coverage also offers a wide form of financial protection from costly accidents that may occur inside the home.

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