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Written by Adam Miller
Can You Afford to Pay for Damages You Cause?

When most people think of insurance protection, they often think of how it can protect against their own personal injuries or damage to their own property. What some people fail to recognize is that insurance is just as important in protecting against injuries or damages we cause to others, or that takes place on our property. Without proper coverage, these damages or injuries can lead to substantial liability claims and hefty judgments that could put us in dire financial situations. Today's Aegis blog post discusses some of the reasons you need ample insurance coverage when you're the one at fault.

Car Accidents

One of the most common ways we can cause damage to other property or cause injury to others is through our vehicles. Car crashes and accidents occur more often than we might think, and they can cause major damages to other vehicles, businesses, or homes. Without the right type of auto insurance, a driver could be held liable for repairs, medical expenses for those injured, or lawsuit judgments. Make sure you're carrying more than the bare minimum of auto insurance coverage so that you're not wiped out financially in the event you cause damages or injuries with your vehicle.

Broken Property

People can also be held liable if their actions lead to damages or broken property, and this can also result in lawsuits and costly judgments. For example, an inebriated person could be held liable for damages they cause in a bar or restaurant scuffle, or a person could be held financially liable if they destroy or vandalize someone else's property. Having adequate personal insurance coverage can help offset the costs associated with repairs and replacement, and also with any legal fees associated with the damages.

Property Fires

Fires are also a leading cause of property damage and personal injuries at home, and these can impact other people besides the homeowner. For example, each holiday season hundreds of people are seriously hurt and properties damaged due to fires that break out when frying turkeys. In addition, people who are careless with candles or fireplaces might end up being held liable if their house fire injures guests or visitors to the home.

Insurance doesn't just protect us and our property - it can also help provide the financial assistance needed when others are impacted by our actions or mistakes. If you're unsure if you're fully protected against accidents, injury costs, or liability claims, contact the Aegis Insurance & Financial Services team. We can assess your current Personal Insurance coverage and determine if you have gaps in coverage that should be addressed. Call the team at Aegis at 713-850-7622, or fill out our online form to request additional information!

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