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Written by Adam Miller
Once you buy a new home, keep your family and possessions safe with a few important security features.

In our series on buying a new home, we've previously looked at the importance of Financial Preparation as well as determining Home Needs. In our final installment, we will focus on Improving Home Safety after you buy your new home. Buying a new home brings individuals and families a strong sense of excitement and peace at finally finding the right home for their needs. A house should be a place of relaxation, security and comfort for owners, so it is important to protect the home investment as well as family members and possessions. These simple but crucial safety steps can make a lasting difference in protecting your family, pets, home and possessions from a disaster.

The first step in protecting your new home and your personal safety is the installation of a home security system. There are many reliable and very affordable security options available for homeowners, with a variety of additional services to choose from. These security systems allow homeowners to be warned during a home invasion, and also offer a way to easily alert first responders in the event of a housefire or other home disaster. Most burglars will quickly flee at the sound of a home security system, protecting property and residents. Another theft deterrent is the installation of outdoor motion-activated security lights. These bright lights can quickly scare off intruders on your property, as well as nuisance animals such as skunks or possums.

Another way to increase property and personal safety is through thorough tree inspections and regular tree and lawn maintenance. Many homebuyers decide to purchase older homes in established neighborhoods for the large and majestic shade trees, but fail to get them inspected to ensure their health and safety. A tree inspection by a Certified Arborist can ensure that trees are in optimal health, reducing the likelihood of falling branches or toppled trees landing on homes, vehicles or family members. Ongoing tree and lawn care maintenance ensures that relatives and guests have a safe outdoor area to enjoy year-round.

Finally, homes can be made safer through the purchase and installation of carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Although new homes have smoke detectors installed as a standard feature, many older homes may lack functioning smoke detectors, and most homes do not have any way to monitor carbon monoxide levels for safety. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless poison gas, so prompt detection is crucial to protecting the lives of loved ones and pets. In addition, fire extinguishers are an important safety precaution since there are many possible causes of a fire in the home, including cooking, burning candles, smoking, or children playing with matches or lighters.

Whether we live in a new home, an older home, an apartment or an RV, safety should always be a priority to ensure the protection of ourselves, loved ones, and possessions. Reliable and quality insurance coverage is another important way to protect family members and property, and Aegis is ready to help you protect what matters most. Aegis offers affordable, quality insurance solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, with friendly and knowledgeable agents ready to help each step of the way. Aegis offers outstanding insurance solutions for Homeowners, Auto, Business and Life Insurance needs. Aegis can also save clients hundreds of dollars each year by bundling your insurance policies together for significant annual premium savings. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online today for a free quote.

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