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Written by Adam Miller
Before deciding on a home, be sure to determine your individual and family needs for a new home, such sa safety, square footage, or ample yard space.

The housing market in Houston continues to outperform home sales from nearly every other region in the U.S.  Because Houston offers so many spacious homes at affordable prices, people are eager to move out of rental properties and own their own home. However, there are many important steps potential homeowners should consider before buying a home. This is our second blog post in a three-part series focused on the important steps to take before buying your first house. Today's blog will look at the importance of carefully evaluating your specific needs for a home before making a purchase.

The first step in deciding what kind of home to buy is determining specific individual and family needs for a house. Important factors include square footage, a specific number of bedrooms for growing families, personal safety for children, a spacious backyard for family and entertaining, and accessibility for older homeowners that use walkers, wheelchairs or motorized scooters in the home. If you are considering purchasing an older home, it should be updated with new, safe electrical wiring to increase safety and avoid fires. By analyzing individual and family needs for a home, you maximize both the usefulness and enjoyment of the home for everyone.

Another important decision factor when buying a home is in regards to house functions. While some people need more square footage for living and dining space, others need space for home offices and storage. Small business owners may choose to utilize extra bedrooms as a primary office, or as storage for company inventory, so this may be a factor when evaluating available homes. In addition, if hospitality is a priority for you and your family, then it's critical to determine floor space for entertaining, particularly in the living room, kitchen, and backyard. Homeowners with a desire to entertain family, friends and neighbors should also ensure that there is ample driveway and street parking available to avoid damages to guest or personal vehicles.

Finally, it is critical to determine community statistics and needs when selecting a new home. Some apartment renters decide to pursue home ownership after experiencing theft or other damage in their complex, so crime statistics are an important element to research before buying a home and moving into a community. Homebuyers must also consider work commute distances and travel times, especially on busy highways where car accidents are more common. For growing families, school districts and recreational areas like parks and pools are important factors to consider when searching for a new home.

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