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Buying a Big Ticket Gift? Make Sure It’s Insured

It's the holiday season, and people are eager to find just the right gift for their loved ones. For some this might mean a splurge on a big-ticket item like a new car, luxury watch or high-end jewelry, fun watercrafts, or valuable electronics.

While it can be great to give someone special an extravagant or long-desired gift, it's just as important to make sure that gift is protected from theft, loss, or damage. In today's Aegis blog post, learn how Personal Insurance coverage can help protect the value of your special gift.

Get Auto Coverage for New Vehicles

During the holidays, you'll probably see commercials with people giving their spouses or kids a dream car with a giant red bow on top. What the commercials forget to mention is that you still need to insure these new vehicles with comprehensive, reliable Auto Insurance.

Whether you purchase a regular sedan or truck, a luxury SUV, fun sports car, or rare collectible vehicle, you need Auto Insurance that protects the value of the vehicle and also offers protection from property damage or injuries. Any new vehicle should be added to an Auto Insurance policy before gifting the vehicle to your loved ones.

Watercraft Insurance Is Essential

With our proximity to the Gulf Coast, boats and other personal watercraft are popular choices for splurge holiday gifts. It's important that any boats or watercraft your family owns are covered by Watercraft Insurance.

Watercraft Insurance is an important addition to your insurance portfolio because its wide range of financial protection, including Liability Protection, Medical Payments and Expenses, and Property Damages. Whether it's a boat, jetski, or other personal watercraft, it can easily be damaged by other watercraft or weather conditions, so protecting its value should be a priority.

Luxury Gifts Need Protection Too

When you give a family member a high-end gift such as a luxury watch, diamond jewelry, valuable art, antique furniture, or other collectibles, these items should also be protected by Personal Insurance coverage. If you or your family members receive a high-end gift, it's important to make sure your Homeowners Insurance or Renter's Insurance will cover any theft, loss, or damages, and if not, consider adding a policy rider or separate policy for your luxury items.

Aegis Insurance Provides Exceptional Protection

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping clients with all aspects of their Personal or Commercial Insurance coverage, whether it's adding new policies, updating existing coverages, or answering questions about policies, inclusions, and exclusions. If you need help adding or updating your Personal Insurance coverage to reflect new additions in personal property or high-end valuables, contact the team at Aegis today. We can discuss your insurance policy options and make sure you have the coverage that meets your specific needs.

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