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Written by Adam Miller
Contractor Insurance provides additional insurance protection for road, home, building or other kinds of contractor projects.

In our rapidly expanding Houston economy, there has been an increase of projects for Contractors. All throughout the city and in surrounding suburbs, there are extensive construction projects planned for roads, office towers, retail centers, apartment complexes, and new residential communities. With these also come the need for excavation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other kinds of Subcontractors and Specialty Contractors. All of these projects require Contractors to oversee projects and ensure timely completion. However, some Contractors fail to fully protect themselves, their employees, their assets and their companies from perilous situations or onsite accidents. Contractors can get quality, reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage with Contractor Insurance from Aegis.

Contractor Insurance offers substantial benefits, in large part because of its unique flexibility. Contractors can obtain a customized business insurance solution tailored to specific industries, projects or construction plans. Contractor Insurance can provide insurance protection for those building roadways, skyscrapers, homes, parks or anything else under construction. In addition, Contractor Insurance can be tailored to fit a specific sized company, or to specific kinds of dangers or environments faced during construction.

Additionally, Contractors Insurance offers a variety of options to include ensuring the full protection for contractors, their business, equipment, and employees. Contractors Insurance coverage options may include (but are not limited to) General Liability, Workers Compensation, Bonds, Builders Risk, Commercial Auto, Heavy Equipment and Tools, and Life Insurance. This kind of tailored business insurance coverage gives contractors the protection and peace of mind needed to focus on project completion and financial goals, as well as diminishing overall risk.

Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, is committed to helping protect Contractors from all industries and projects get the insurance coverage they need to be successful and ensure protection for the future. The friendly and experienced agents of Aegis can create a customized business insurance solution that meets all contractor business needs, while offering reliable and quality insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Contractors can save even more by bundling insurance policies together for maximum annual premium savings. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 or go online to request a free quote today.

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