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Written by Adam Miller
The Biggest Risks Of Skipping Routine Car Maintenance

A vehicle isn't just a way to get from point A to point B, but is a valuable investment that should be protected like any other kind of personal or commercial property. Much in the way we function best when we take care of our personal health and get routine check-ups, our vehicles greatly benefit from regular maintenance and care. When vehicles are neglected and poorly maintained, both the vehicle and drivers can suffer serious consequences. Today's blog post highlights three big risks that come with skipping routine car maintenance, whether for personal vehicles or commercial vehicles.

Poor Performance

When vehicle owners fail to schedule routine maintenance, their car, truck, or van will begin to perform poorly, leading to frequent and expensive repair costs. The high frequency of car repairs can also contribute to a shorter vehicle lifespan, requiring owners to purchase replacement vehicles much sooner than anticipated. Owners constantly frustrated by the unreliability of their poorly maintained vehicles will discover that the vehicle's wide range of problems has significantly reduced the resale value of their vehicle.

Safety Risks

Poorly maintained personal and commercial vehicles can pose a major safety risk to drivers, passengers, and other vehicles on the roadway. Without regular maintenance, vehicle owners may be unaware that they are operating unsafe vehicles with tire stability and pressure issues, brake failures, frayed belts, and other problems. Any of these issues could result in a serious car accident with personal injuries or property damages.

Missed Recall Notices

Without regular vehicle maintenance, personal and commercial vehicle owners may be completely unaware of recall notices for the make, model, and year of their vehicle. When car manufacturers issue a vehicle recall to replace parts or electrical components, it's because the threat to driver safety is severe. Drivers might be operating vehicles with serious issues regarding their brakes, engine, vehicle computers, navigation systems, airbags, steering, or other major parts.

Whether your vehicle is for personal use or commercial purposes, it needs regular maintenance in order to be operated safely and retain more of its overall value. In addition to regular vehicle maintenance, owners should also ensure that their vehicles are properly insured to protect their value in the event of an accident, damages, theft, or fire. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services offers top quality Personal Auto and Commercial Auto coverage to protect vehicles and their owners. Go online for a free quote, or give Aegis a call at 713-850-7622 for more information.

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