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Written by Adam Miller
InsurTexas protects Farms, Ranches and Agritourism Businesses throughout Texas with their reliable, affordable and quality Farm and Ranch Insurance solutions.

In the last decade, there has been a steady increase in food production awareness, as people learn more about food industry and the various chemicals, hormones, pesticides and genetically modified materials used to create a growing percentage of food in America. As a result of this information, more people are choosing to purchase and consume organic and locally sourced produce, meats and dairy. The growing demand for local, organic, hormone-free, GMO-free, or cruelty-free foods has led to an explosion of new farms and ranches throughout Texas and the greater Houston area, and expansions of existing farms and ranches. Additionally, a growing number of Texans are opting to operate agritourism farms or ranches to attract visitors to agricultural areas for educational and commercial purposes, such as family farm tours, corn mazes, or Christmas tree farms.

With the increase in farms and ranches throughout Texas, there is also a greater need for essentials such as available land, water resources, equipment, labor and more. One essential for farmers and ranchers often overlooked is having reliable, quality Farm and Ranch Insurance. Farm and Ranch Insurance offers many important benefits to local farmers, ranchers or agritourism owners looking to protect their families, their property, their equipment and their livestock or crops. Farm and Ranch Insurance, along with other significant supplemental Agricultural insurance policies, provides protection from a wide variety of catastrophic or unexpected events.

The biggest benefit of having Farm and Ranch Insurance protection is the wide-ranging coverage options available for ranchers and farmers. Farm and Ranch insurance options can be tailored to protect a specific kind of ranch, farm or agritourism property, including dairy farms, cattle farms, poultry farms and other kinds of livestock. Property owners can also ensure that every aspect of their farm or ranch is well protected by insurance, such as vehicles, equipment, land and trees, irrigation systems, barns and silos, personal residences and possessions, and livestock and crops. This kind of customized solution results in comprehensive farm and ranch coverage that offers peace of mind and financial resources in the event of a catastrophe or major event.

Additionally, there are insurance coverage options available for farm and ranch liability to help property owners in the event of a lawsuit. Accidents can occur at any time to property owners, workers, visitors, or vendors, so it is important to have Farm Liability insurance coverage in place to protect the future of the business. In addition to Farm Liability Insurance, there is also Product and Umbrella Liability Insurance available, which protects farmers and ranchers by offering liability coverage for any goods sold from your processed crops. For example, Product and Umbrella coverage can offer extra protection for your crops that are processed and sold as other goods, such as apples that are turned into applesauce or cider. These processed items require additional commercial liability coverage because of the added risks involved in producing and manufacturing a commercial good.

Regardless of the type of farm, ranch or agritourism business, Aegis can help ensure property owners have reliable, comprehensive and affordable protection needed from any kind of major event or disaster. As a Houston-based insurance agency, Aegis specializes in creating custom insurance solutions for farm and ranch owners, from large commercial producers to small organic farms and ranches. Additionally, farm and ranch owners can benefit financially by bundling all their agribusiness insurance policies together into one policy, or by bundling farm and ranch insurance with Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Auto Insurance. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable insurance agents of Aegis for more information on their Farm and Ranch Insurance solutions today at 713-850-7622 or by email at

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