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Written by Adam Miller
The Benefits of Allowing Employees to Keep Working from Home

Covid-19 has changed how industries operate on a daily basis, with many companies allowing employees to work from home on a temporary basis. But some company leaders are asking themselves if it's worth the risk and cost to reopen and welcome employees back into offices and workspaces. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at some of the benefits of allowing employees to work from home on a long-term or permanent basis.

Protects Employee Health

One of the most important reasons to consider allowing employees to work from home on a long-term basis is that it can significantly protect employee health, particularly for companies with small workspaces or older workers who might face greater health risks. Not all companies have the space or resources to fully protect their employee's health or to work according to recommended social distancing guidelines. Employees working from home would not be exposed to high numbers of coworkers and could avoid other high-risk activities related to work, such as taking mass transit.

May Improve Employee Productivity

Another added benefit of allowing workers to remain at their home offices is that it can greatly improve employee productivity. Many employees working from home have discovered they can do their work without some of the distractions that can come from the typical office setting, such as office chatter, long and inefficient meetings, and the time spent commuting to and from work. Online meetings tend to be shorter and more efficient than in-face meetings, and employees can apply their normal commuting time to their normal work day. Also, working from home means they are less likely to fall ill and need time away from work.

Fewer Workers Compensation Issues

As companies consider whether or not to bring back all employees, it should also be noted that fewer workers on site means a decrease in possible office injuries and accidents. Fewer workers compensation claims and less employee downtime can result in higher productivity and lower costs for companies who are eager to save money any way they can.  Employees working from home avoid the dangers that can come from office work, such as slippery staircases, wet floors, heavy machinery, and warehouse mishaps. 

Decreased Need for Office Reconfiguration

Finally, it can be a real challenge for companies to figure out how to adhere to the recommended guidelines for workplace reopening and social distancing measures, especially those in smaller offices or older facilities. When companies allow more employees to continue working from home, then those that must still report to the office can have a greater opportunity to social distance from each other and decrease possible exposure. Companies can also avoid having to limit breakroom access or spend money on partitions or other costly expenditures.

While it might be an adjustment to have a significant part of your company's workforce doing their jobs from home, it can also provide significant benefits to the company and to the employees themselves. At Aegis Insurance & Financial Services, we're committed to helping companies take their right next step to ensure company success and worker safety. We offer a full range of comprehensive Commercial Insurance solutions and can tailor an insurance package that meets your unique industry needs. Contact us at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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