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Written by Adam Miller
InsurTexas can help protect your home or business from damage caused by severe fall or winter weather.

As cooler temperatures begin to return to Houston, many homeowners and business owners begin making preparations for winter, including decorating the inside and outside of their home or business, bringing out winter clothes, and making holiday plans with family and friends. Although Houston area residents and business owners avoid the arduous winter preparations that people up north must make because of extreme winter temperatures and snowfall, there are still some important steps to take to prevent property damage this winter.

One of the best ways to avoid property damage this coming winter is to properly protect your pipes both inside and outside your home or business. Although Houston is not known for having extremely frigid winters, there are often multiple occasions where temperatures fall below the freezing point, making pipes more susceptible to freezing and bursting. A single burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars of water damage to home structures and possessions, and can ruin inventory, electronic equipment or machinery inside a business or warehouse. Additionally, many home and business owners fail to have adequate insurance coverage to protect them in the event of water damage, so repair and replacement costs can be devastating, especially so close to the holidays. Homeowners' insurance policies and business insurance policies should be supplemented with additional insurance coverage to ensure precious assets are protected this winter.

Another way to avoid property damage is through getting quality tree trimming and landscape work performed at your home or business property before major storms hit. In the fall and winter months, strong wind gusts and winter storms can cause trees and overgrown tree branches to snap and damage homes, vehicles, business structures and other property. Fallen limbs and trees can also cause homes and businesses to lose power, water, gas, and Internet access, which can be particularly devastating for businesses. The loss of electricity, water and Internet access can cause businesses such as restaurants, delis and bakeries to lose thousands in inventory and revenue, and losing Internet access can cause widespread loss of clients, revenue and functionality for other types of businesses. These losses can be compounded when there is not adequate homeowners or business insurance coverage to quickly and completely recover from the damage.

Before severe fall or winter weather arrives in Houston, protect your home or business from damage caused by frozen pipes or fallen tree limbs, and also protect your future with quality insurance solutions from Aegis. Aegis is a Texas-based insurance agency that strives to protect families and business owners throughout the greater Houston area from any kind of disaster or during any kind of life event. The friendly, knowledgeable agents of Aegis offer affordable homeowners, auto, life and business insurance packages to meet your needs, with insurance bundles available for maximum annual premium savings. Contact Aegis today for more information, or get a quote online now.

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