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Written by Adam Miller
Areas To Inspect Before Reopening Your Commercial Property

While some restaurants, retailers, and offices have remained open during the Covid-19 pandemic, others are just now being allowed to reopen, or are finally welcoming back employees and customers. Before doing so, owners should have the interior and exterior of their commercial sites inspected before reopening. Today's Aegis blog post examines three areas to have inspected on commercial properties in order to identify possible damages or safety issues and have them repaired before reopening.

Roofs, Windows, and Doorways

Although some commercial properties have been closed and unoccupied for months, this doesn't mean they have been completely safe and unaffected during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some commercial property owners may be shocked to discover that roofs may have suffered water or hail damage, windows may have been cracked or damaged, and doorways may have been compromised during their closure. Before reopening, business owners should check to make sure all doorways and windows are functional and secure, and that roofs have not suffered damages.

HVAC Systems

Additionally, business owners should also take the time to have their HVAC systems maintained and inspected to ensure that mold has not grown and flourished in HVAC systems and air vents during the closure. Some businesses opted to run HVAC systems less often or shut them down entirely during closures, which can be extremely detrimental to commercial properties, especially in hot and humid areas like the Gulf Coast. Companies should ensure HVAC systems are running properly and that the air they are producing is safe for employees and customers.

Plumbing and Water Lines

Finally, commercial property owners should have plumbing and water lines properly flushed and cleaned before reopening for business. After months of closure, the water left in the lines has likely become stagnant over time, which can lead to bacterial growth and possible illnesses. This could lead to employee and customer illnesses, and liability issues as a result.

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