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Are You Ready For The Start of Hurricane Season?

For businesses along the Gulf Coast, June 1 marked the start of another important time period – the start of hurricane season. From June 1 through November 30, companies across the region must stay aware of weather conditions in the tropics in the event serious weather threatens the coast. In today's Aegis blog, we discuss how you can best prepare your commercial property for the start of hurricane season.

Secure Your Building and Assets

The first part of hurricane preparation for any business is to make sure that commercial buildings and other company property are secured and reinforced before a hurricane arrives. Companies can accomplish this by having materials to cover up windows and doorways, storing sensitive documents in a safe place, securing commercial cars and trucks in covered areas, and bringing in any outdoor property that could cause more damage.

Develop Contingency Plans

One reason why hurricanes can be so damaging to businesses is that many often don't have contingency plans if their business is without power for long periods of time, or suffers structural damage that makes their current location unusable. A contingency plan gives businesses a clear strategy on how to quickly reopen, either in a different location or with employees working from home. These plans should also include plans for how to back up emails and network servers on cloud-based servers so all data is accessible from any location.

Have Proper Business Insurance In Place

Finally, businesses can be prepared now for any potential hurricane, flood, windstorm, or other severe weather through comprehensive commercial insurance coverage. Businesses should ensure they have adequate coverage for policies such as Commercial Property, General Liability, Flood Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, and other key insurance. Without proper insurance coverage, businesses run the risk of being unable to recover from even minor damage or short closures caused by hurricanes.

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