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Written by Adam Miller

In the Gulf Coast region of Texas, residential and commercial property owners are bracing for the beginning of hurricane season. For 2013, forecasters are predicting another active hurricane season, with 6-10 named storms anticipated for the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions. For many property owners in Texas, hurricane preparation involves simply watching the weather forecasts until a severe storm approaches, and then throwing up hasty storm reinforcements. However, effective hurricane preparation involves more than just purchasing plywood and drinking water, but also involves the protection of your entire property. Ultimately, the best protection for your property is comprehensive insurance coverage for your home, personal belongings, automobiles, and businesses.

Insurance coverage can protect you and your property from all forms of natural disasters, but hurricanes can present several disasters at once, including flooding, hail damage, wind damage, fires, and damage to your trees and landscapes. Many residential and commercial property owners can find themselves ill prepared for the extensive damage hurricanes can cause, and will often learn that their basic insurance will not fully reimburse their losses because of exclusions or insufficient coverage. Some property owners might think they are fine with simple homeowners insurance, but hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region of Texas are notorious for causing flooding, which Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover. Therefore the homeowner faces the heartbreaking task of paying for home repairs and replacing their lost possessions out of their own pockets.

For those property owners not ready for hurricane season, Aegis offers a comprehensive range of insurance services and policies for residential and business owners. Our experienced team of insurance agents will help create an insurance policy solution that completely protects you from all forms of natural disasters, injury or loss. Aegis also offers bundled insurance policies that can cover your automobiles, motorcycles, RV homes, and other possessions, which leads to a great deal of savings to you. With Aegis as your insurance agency, you can rest assured that you, your home, business and possessions will be well protected this hurricane season.

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