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Written by Adam Miller
Are You Making Your Home A Target For Thieves?

Every homeowner dreads the thought of criminals making their way into their home and stealing their property and valuables, as well as hurting their loved ones. In addition to losing personal possessions to thieves, homeowners also lose valuable peace of mind. Sadly, some homeowners can make their homes prime targets for thieves, vandals, and other criminals without even realizing it. In today's blog post, we look at ways in which you might be making your home an ideal target for criminals, and what proactive steps can be done to protect your home, possessions, family, and peace of mind.

Trash Reveals Big Ticket Items

One way in which homeowners inadvertently tip off thieves to valuables inside a home is with the trash left on the curb. Thieves will often pass through neighborhoods on trash pickup day to see which homes have boxes and packaging for valuable, big-ticket items outside. Trash can make burglars more likely to target homes in search of new big screen TVs, laptops, tablets, or video game consoles inside. Rather than advertise what new items are inside your home, consider breaking down large boxes and packaging into smaller black yard bags, or taking them to a recycling center.

Uncovered Front Windows

Some homeowners opt to leave windows uncovered rather than block out the sun or their view. However, exposed front windows without blinds or curtains can reveal a lot to burglars or other criminals. For instance, an uncovered front window can clearly show valuables inside, such as electronics, furniture, artwork, silverware, and other items thieves target. In addition, criminals may use the window to determine if any one is home, or if there are large pets inside that might be protecting the home. To better protect property and family members, always close up windows when not home, turn on landscape lighting at night, and consider moving valuables to a spot that is not clearly visible from the window.

No Security System or Landscape Lighting

Not protecting a property with landscaping lighting or a security system makes a home the perfect target for thieves looking to make a clean, fast getaway with someone else's personal property. Landscape lighting can illuminate a property so that thieves do not have a place to lurk and hide as they attempt to access the home through doors or windows. In addition, security features such as alarm systems, video monitors, motion detector lights, or doorbell cameras can immediately deter criminals from even stepping foot on your residential property.

Homes and personal possessions are paid for with our hard earned money, so it's important to protect them as best we can. The first step is taking proactive measures to not make our property targets for thieves by being smart about what we display and how we secure our home. The second step to protecting our valuables is by securing quality personal insurance through Aegis Insurance and Financial Services. Aegis offers a full array of top-quality, reliable Personal Insurance policies, all at competitive rates and with exceptional customer service. Contact Aegis today for more information about our Homeowners, Renters, Auto, or Life Insurance needs, or go online to request a free quote!

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