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Written by Adam Miller
Hiring professional companies and licensed contractors is the best way to ensure home improvement projects are completed on time, correctly, and without subjecting yourself to a scam artist.

In our previous blog post, we looked at the reasons why homeowners, renters and business owners put themselves and their property in jeopardy when attempting DIY projects. Trusting these projects to professional companies and contractors keeps individuals and their families safe, and it reduces incidents of property damage. In today's blog post, we'll look at why it's best to always trust home improvement or tree and landscape projects to insured, bonded and licensed professionals.

Offers Financial Protection From Costly Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents can happen on any kind of job, whether performed by safe and experienced professionals or by homeowners or renters trying to complete a project on their own. However, when property owners attempt their own DIY home improvement or tree care projects, they are fully liable for injuries or property damages on their property. When property owners utilize the services of insured professional contractors, the company's liability and workers compensation insurance will cost the cost of damages or injuries incurred on the jobsite, sparing the property owner the high cost.

Experience and Training Pays Off

Licensed and certified professionals typically must complete a certain number classroom hours and complete specific types of industry training to be considered a professional in their field. Many are required to complete continuing education hours to maintain certification, and licensing ensures that dangerous jobs or chemicals are handled with the utmost safety and caution. Hiring professionals companies ensures that projects, such as electrical or plumbing work, are done correctly and will not lead to property damages due to house fires or flooding.

Prevent Scams and Shoddy Work

One of the biggest advantages in choosing professional contractors to handle home improvement projects and landscape or tree work is that you reduce the likelihood of being a victim of a scam artist, or paying for substandard work. Many amateur or "mom-and-pop" companies like to promote themselves as cheaper than professional contractors, when in reality many of them end up costing property owners more because of incomplete projects, shoddy work, or outright theft by demanding payment upfront and not performing any work. Professional companies are much more likely to perform the work correctly and will not try to scam the client or tack on hidden fees for standard services or parts.

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