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Written by Adam Miller
Homeowners can easily injure themselves and damage their property when attempting DIY home improvement projects that involve electrical wiring, plumbing or landscape work.

For many Houston homeowners, particularly those living in older homes, there is often a desire to make home improvements, such as renovating a bathroom, installing recessed lighting, painting the exterior of the home, or removing a tree for better visibility. While cable shows and Internet videos can make home improvement projects look simple enough, in reality a vast majority of home improvement projects can be dangerous, leading to personal injury and property damages. Here are three examples of how DIY home improvement projects can quickly go wrong for Houston homeowners. Next week, we'll look at the benefits of hiring licensed, bonded and insured service providers for home improvement and landscaping projects.

The "Shocking" Truth

One of the many ways homeowners can suffer personal injuries or property damage is when they attempt home improvement projects involving electronic components, such as wall sockets, outdoor wiring, or other electrical work. Homeowners can easily electrocute themselves by not taking proper safety precautions regarding live wires, and they can also make their home and possessions vulnerable to fire damage caused by faulty wiring or electrical installation.

A Small Drip Can Cause A Big Mess

Plumbing issues are another common way homes and possessions can be damaged during DIY home improvement projects. For homeowners that desire a new kitchen sink, a replacement toilet, or a renovated shower, proper plumbing tools and expert training are essential to avoid future water damage.

Amateur homeowners with no prior plumbing experience put themselves at risk of flooded homes by not properly sealing pipes and ducts, leading to foundation, flooring and sheetrock damage. In addition, poor DIY plumbing mistakes can also result in hidden wall or attic leaks that can lead to the growth of toxic mold in the home.

Outdoor Projects Come With Major Risk

One of the most common causes of injury for homeowners comes from outdoor work, particularly DIY projects involving tree care such as tree trimming and tree removal. Each year, hundreds of homeowners are killed, and thousands more are injured, while performing tree maintenance. In addition to the obvious safety concerns regarding branches and trees falling on people, there are additional hazards in operating chainsaws, handsaws and other dangerous machinery. This danger is doubled when unstable ladders are involved. This video is a perfect example of why property owners should never make tree trimming a DIY project.

Houston homeowners should always trust licensed, bonded and insured professionals to handle home improvement projects and tree or landscape work. Not only does it keep homeowners safe, but it also ensures the protection of their family, friends, and neighbors that might be injured during DIY projects. In addition, always hiring professionals for interior and exterior projects provides additional protection for personal assets both inside and outside the home. Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, also offers Texans quality insurance solutions to give clients peace of mind by protecting the value of family assets. Aegis offers a full range of comprehensive, affordable and reliable insurance coverage tailored to a client's unique needs. Aegis is proud to offer outstanding Homeowners, Renters, Auto, Commercial and Life Insurance coverage for individuals and businesses throughout Texas. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online today to request a free quote!


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