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Olumide Sonde

Account Manager

Olumide Sonde has spent 15 years within the insurance industry, applying a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to his role at Aegis Insurance & Financial Services.

Prior to joining the Aegis team, Olumide worked as a Safety Supervisor on oil rigs in Canada, where he gained valuable problem-solving skills and leadership experience. Desiring a job closer to home, he transitioned into a new role with Intact Insurance and began his insurance career.

Hard work is the cornerstone of Olumide's insurance career, enabling him to continually advance from one position to another while expanding his knowledge expertise. Starting off in an insurance mailroom, Olumide worked his way to an Underwriter position, then Producer and Account Manager, before joining the Aegis team.

Olumide greatly appreciates the peace of mind that quality insurance solutions can provide clients, so he strives to ensure each one has the right type of coverage in place if things go wrong. He enjoys the satisfaction that comes from a job well done, educating clients on their policies and coverages, and working together as a team to solve problems for clients.

Education is a priority for Olumide, and after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he later went on to earn his Property & Casualty license. He also earned licenses for Life and Health Insurance in order to expand his areas of insurance expertise.

In his spare time, Olumide enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and doing fun family activities together. He is also a life-long soccer fan, and never misses a chance to cheer on his favorite team, Arsenal F.C.

Olumide's Four Favorites

Vanilla Ice Cream

Traveling to London

Steak (Medium-well)