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Fred Burress


Fred Burress serves a critical role with Aegis as COO. He has spent his entire professional career in sales, from selling large-scale software solutions to personal and commercial insurance. Fred has over a decade of experience working in the insurance industry, and worked for an insurance agency in Chicago for 10 years prior to relocating to Houston.

Fred comes to Aegis with extensive experience in working with both small start-up firms to large multi-million dollar companies in need of extensive commercial coverage. He has enjoyed the experience of working with new start-up companies and writing policies for them as they grow and develop. With multi-national companies, he's had an opportunity to see their growth and expansion, and help them as they transition to new areas or expand internationally and need new kinds of coverage.

Known professionally for working with specific industries, such as wholesale distributors and restaurants, Fred excels at educating clients by uncovering their coverage gaps, and learning what's most important to them. He also strives to explain their coverage in a way that makes sense to them and so they're able to understand why their coverage is so important. During his career, Fred has also received major sales awards as well as letters of recommendation from Nationwide and its national trainers.

Fred's favorite aspect of working at Aegis is the atmosphere and collaborating with the team to help achieve set goals. He believes that each team member benefits as the company succeeds, and it's a place where team members can bounce ideas off one another and brainstorm together. He appreciates that each person has their unique experiences and knowledge to contribute, and that there are ample opportunities for growth and education.

Originally from the Midwest, Fred is the oldest of three children, and moved to Texas to be closer to his parents in Fort Worth. He is an avid sports enthusiast, playing volleyball in high school and college, cheering for Chicago sports teams, and playing in local sports leagues with friends. When he's not in the office, Fred can be found having brunch with friends, taking road trips, and enjoying outdoor activities.

Fred is known as someone who is calm, approachable, down to earth, and willing to go the extra mile to help clients, colleagues, and friends.

Fred's Four Favorites

Traveling to Italy

Elephants at the zoo

Chicago Bears

6-series BMW Convertible