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Written by Adam Miller
InsurTexas can help individuals and families have a safer Thanksgiving with helpful safety hints, and also quality insurance coverage.

Thanksgiving is a time when many families and loved ones gather to give thanks for their blessings and spend quality time with one another. Typically, Thanksgiving gatherings often involve cooking, traveling and even Black Friday shopping for great deals. However, Thanksgiving holidays can also be a time of danger and carelessness, so today's blog post offers three simple tips for a safer Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

Use Caution When Cooking or Deep Frying

A growing trend for Houston families is to deep fry turkeys because it offers a unique taste and texture at a fraction of the cook time. However, each year dozens of Houstonians suffer serious injuries or property damage due to accidents involving cooking oil. In fact, Texas is the leading state of turkey fryer accidents and injuries. To have a safer Thanksgiving, turkey deep fryers should always be placed in open spaces away from garages, patios, homes, children, pets, wooden decks, and fences. In addition, it is crucial to properly measure the correct amount of cooking oil needed before heating the oil and frying the turkey. Also, be sure to never leave stoves or cooktops unattended while cooking as these can become fire hazards as well.

Driving and Travel Safety

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel seasons as families drive or fly to visit relatives. Due to the increased number of travelers, especially in Houston, it is important to use extra caution when driving. Drivers should avoid using smartphones or texting while driving as this can cause distractions that can lead to serious or even fatal road accidents. Also, Thanksgiving family gatherings can sometimes be stressful events, and people may be inclined to have wine or other alcohol during Thanksgiving activities to unwind. Unfortunately, the combination of alcohol and drowsiness from Thanksgiving food can be a dangerous and even deadly mix for Houston drivers.

Smarter Social Media Posts

Have a safer Thanksgiving holiday by not posting travel plans or shopping trips on social media. When you post Thanksgiving travel photos from the airport or other cities, you advertise the fact that your home is vacant, which can be a welcome invitation for thieves or vandals. By waiting until you return home to post photos and travel adventures, you protect your home, vehicles, and possessions from criminals. In addition, try to avoid posting photos from Black Friday shopping sprees or major purchases as these can also let criminals know you are either not at home, or now have a house full of expensive gifts and electronics.

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