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Written by Adam Miller
Three Factors To Research Before Buying A New Home

It's common for individuals and families in the market for a new home to start their research in the spring. Many will closely examine floor plans and home amenities, subdivisions and deed restrictions, nearby school districts, shopping and entertainment centers, and traffic conditions. However, there are three other important factors to consider that can impact your future home's property value, as well as insurance coverage needs. In today's Aegis blog post, we'll examine these three additional factors to research before buying a new home.

Flood Zones

Extreme weather conditions and record-breaking storms have lead to more parts of the country experiencing flooding than ever before. Flooding has become more prevalent in coastal cities on the East Coast and Gulf Coast, as well as cities along major rivers and low-lying areas. Regardless of where the home's location, it's essential to first research flood plain maps and home elevations to determine the flood risks in the area. Buyers should then make sure they have the Flood Insurance necessary to protect their home and assets in the event of a flood.

Crime Rates

It's common to hear people, especially older Americans, remember a time when it was rare to hear of crimes, doors and windows didn't need to be locked, and neighbors looked out for one another. Sadly, we live in an era now where crime is found from downtown to the country, and everywhere in between. Before closing on a home, buyers should take the time to research crime rates in the area, as well as the size of local law enforcement and how often they patrol neighborhoods. All these can help potential homebuyers better understand their future neighborhood and the possible issues they may face. Getting a great deal on a dream home might not be worth it if the home is in a neighborhood with frequent burglaries, car theft, or vandalism.

Future Development

Finally, home values and security can be threatened by potential development near homes and subdivisions. For example, a pristine and sought-after neighborhood could quickly see a drop in property values if a prison or landfill is built nearby. In addition, the development of new neighborhoods or commercial properties can also impact property drainage and flood plains as it might reduce amount of greenspace available to absorb rainfall, thus raising the risk of flooded properties nearby.

Purchasing a home is an exciting step in life, but one that should be done with a great deal of research and caution to ensure the protection of the home, its residents, and personal property. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can also help provide an additional layer of protection for homebuyers through our full range of Personal Insurance policies, including Homeowners Insurance, Flood Insurance, Auto Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance, and Life Insurance. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free quote!

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