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Written by Adam Miller
Can Environmental Changes Impact Your Commercial or Personal Insurance?

If you watch the news or see pictures from around the world, you'll likely notice the growing number of major natural disasters occurring around the country and the world. These include an increased number of hurricanes and floods, wildfires, tornadoes, hailstorms, and droughts than in previous years. Whether you attribute these to man-made climate change, or just a cycle of weather patterns that come and go over time, the reality is that these major weather and environmental issues can impact our homes and businesses, so we need to make sure we have the insurance protection in place to protect what matters most. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at how weather or environmental changes can impact personal or commercial insurance needs, and what can be done now to lessen those risks.

Increased Flooding Risks

Anyone living or working in the Gulf Coast region understands that our lower elevation results in a higher threat of flooding due to hurricanes or other major rainstorms. When severe weather conditions become more frequent, it can mean that a greater number of homes, businesses, and other properties can be at risk of flooding, even those that aren't normally at risk for flooding. To reduce potential losses from flood damage, it's critical to carry Flood Insurance for your home, business, and rental or vacation house.

More Severe Hail and Windstorm Damages

In addition to the increased risk of flood damage in our region, extreme weather conditions can also lead to a rise in windstorms and hail damage. Even a short two or three minute hailstorm can result in thousands of dollars in damage to rooftops, personal or commercial vehicles, HVAC systems, or outdoor property and structures, or retail merchandise stored outside. Strong windstorms can result in structural damage to homes and businesses, as well as costly power outages that can lead to more losses. When you have adequate personal or commercial insurance in place, it can reduce the possible losses and out of pocket costs resulting from hail damage or windstorms.

Can Jeopardize Retirement and Savings

Finally, there is a secondary threat that can arise from the more extreme weather patterns we're experiencing, which is a threat to personal retirement and business savings. When homes or businesses suffer damages and losses and there isn't adequate insurance coverage to cover them, then those replacement and repair costs will usually have to come out of retirement or business savings, often depleting them. When individuals, families, and businesses are proactive in getting adequate and quality insurance coverage before disasters strike, it can also help preserve retirement nest eggs and business savings to protect their long-term future.

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